Hootsuite Connects With MailChimp


Now  Hootsuite connects with  Mail Chimp to make managing your accounts easier.   This will allow you to  view and search for recent campaigns, share campaigns to your social networks, view campaign results and much more.

I put a couple of things up in a Mail Chimp Account that I just started so you could get an idea of what it will look like.  You can now get the info from your Mail Chimp in your Hootsuite account.  You got to love the convenience of this.

If you are not familiar with Hootsuite, it is a great way to manage all of your social media accounts.  I use Hootsuite for myself and for my clients.  You can schedule out tweets or status updates so you are not glued to the computer or your phone all day.

You will need to check on your account through out the day so you can interact with your friends and clients.  It’s not wise to schedule tweets and status updates and not talk to others and comment on your social site.

You can also create reports from your account to keep up with how you are doing ; what is working and what is not.  There are several other platforms out there, this is just the one I use.

If you are not familiar with Mail Chimp I suggest you check them out if you do not have an auto responder or looking for a way to save some money until you get a list built up.  I like using Mail Chimp for my clients because most are starting  out and need to watch their budget.

I also use Mail Chimp for my business, it is FREE up to 2000 subscribers so you can’t beat that.

Some say that a free autoresponder is not dependable but I have to say that I have used them for over a year and never have had a complaint or a problem.

To connect Mail Chimp to your Hootsuite account you can login to your Hootsuite account  over to your right, go down to tools (hover) then click on the  directory apps.  Scroll down until you get to Mail Chimp click on install and login into your account and you will be set.

Love the convenience!



  1. tubatog6 says

    I was reading the terms of sevicre for Mail Chimp before signing up, and I found this we do not allow businesses that offer these types of sevicres, products, or content: Multi-level marketing, Affiliate marketing, Work from home, Internet Lead-gen, Make money on online opportunities, etc. Doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t be using it? please let me know your side because it really seems like a marvelous product


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