Free Yardage Chart


I just hate when I go to the fabric store and need to convert inches into yardage.

So many of us that sew and are making things without a pattern we measure in inches and then have to figure out how much yardage is needed.  So I got busy and made something for you and myself.  Its a yardage chart that you can download, print off and laminate it.

I put mine in my purse so when I am out and need to buy some fabric I can easily pull it out and get my yardage.  You can also hang it in your sewing room at your cutting table for a quick look.  Enjoy.

Vintage Yardage Chart
Vintage Yardage Chart

Yardage Chart

Vintage looking yardage chart


Must Have Sewing Tool, Wonder Clips

Cutting out a pattern
Cutting out a pattern

I decided to start teaching my 7 year old granddaughter to sew this weekend.  So we decided that she would make a doll dress and I would make her dress to match.  Little did I know this little one would be terrified of stick pins.  After several minutes of trying to persuade her she gave in and started cutting.  Then we were getting ready to sew up the dress when I seen her shy away again from the fabric and I realized I had pinned the sides together and she was not going to have any part of it.

I then started thinking what to use instead of pins.  The first thing I thought of was wonder clips that  I bought my mother for Christmas last year.  She had been wanting wonder clips but did not want to pay the money for them. She is a fantastic quilter and is always working on a quilt for someone.  Usually its not for me.  Boo!

So my advice to you if you are going to teach children or are a quilter, invest in these babies.  They can be a life saver.  They are also great for sewing any fabrics that you do not want to pin together because of needle holes.


Tips For Your Network Marketing Business



Being successful in Network Marketing can be hugely personally and financially rewarding.

But we all know deep down that there are very few things in life that are guaranteed. As I have heard from my parents, Nothing in life is guaranteed apart from death and taxes’

I do not have guaranteed tips for your success.

I do have tips that you can implement  in your Network Marketing Business which will help you achieve success.

I have been in the Network Marketing Business for several years and I also have had a very profitable sewing and imprinting business for 21 years.  With that being said I can tell you that I have been around the block with building a businesses.  Some of my mlm business have been a success and others not so much.

Create Your Story

This is the first place to start.  People want to know you.  You can share facts and figures about your business but until they they connect emotionally with you and your experiences it will be hard for them to join or buy from your business. One of the things I learned years ago was I had to have a solid ‘ Why’.   Below is a video that I done back in 2010,

 Is your why big enough? Do you get up everyday with excitement and focus on your life or business?


Here is an outline to help you get started in your Network Marketing Business

1)) Who are you? (Share your background)

2) Why you were looking for an  opportunity?

3) How did you find your business? Why did you join?

4) What results results do you hope to see?



2016 Iphone Background


We have had some beautiful days these past 2 weeks and it puts me in the mood for Spring.  I found these backgrounds for Iphones and your PC.  These backgrounds are perfect for our Spring moods.  Here is the link for the downloads

Sneak preview of the one I have on my phone now.



My Baby Burp Pads

Burp Pads
Baby Burp Pads

I have been making burp pads for years.  When I had my sewing shop 6 years ago they were one of my best sellers.

They are easy to make. Below is the directions.  I have also put in a link below to purchase the burp pads if you are not a sewer or just don’t have the time.  Happy sewing!!!!

To make baby burp pads:

  • cloth diapers
  • Fabric of your choice ( I used flannel)
  • thread
  • ric rac (optional)
  • sewing machine

I cut my fabric 22″ long and 6 inches wide.  I then sewed on the ric rac down the sides of fabric.  Folded over and ironed it down before sewing the fabric on the diaper.  Fold over to make the hem which will be on the back side of diaper. Sew down with half inch hem.

You and your friends are going to love them…

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